Toxic divorce is stressful for everyone involved

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Toxic divorce is stressful for everyone involved

High-conflict divorces are often nightmares for both parties. When you are in the midst of one, you need to have great mental strength to cope with what’s going on. There is almost always going to be at least some conflict during the divorce, but some parties take this to a level that becomes toxic.

If you are in the middle of a toxic divorce, you have to take steps to protect yourself. One of these is hiring a lawyer who is familiar with these types of splits, so they can take proactive steps that help you. This can include protecting assets, so they aren’t sold or given away during the divorce.

You must decide what aspects of the divorce are worth fighting over. You can’t battle your ex on every point, or the process is going to take a very long time. Instead, pick your battles. This lets your ex feel like they “won” some matters, so they might be a little less combative about others.

Unfortunately, some toxic divorces have children stuck in the middle. You must protect your children, so think about what’s best for them. Try to keep the contentious matters away from them. They don’t need to deal with the constant fighting that comes during a high-conflict divorce.

Take care of yourself while you go through the divorce battles. Stress can have negative impacts on you, so you should find ways to relax. If things get too heated, walk away for a bit. You may consider seeking counseling to help you work through the emotional damage these situations cause.