Staying connected when your children move out of state

Don't Make A Move Without Knowing Your Options

Staying connected when your children move out of state

After a divorce, you and your former spouse start to develop your own lives. This may take you away from your children. If you or your former spouse decide to move out of the state, you may wonder how that will impact your ability to see your children. In general, California has laws that outline what a parent must do to move out of state with their children that can help.

According to the California Courts, if your former spouse wishes to move out of state with your children, it requires showing in court that the move is the best thing for the children. This is assuming that you have a joint custody agreement. If your spouse has sole custody, then it is on you to show the move is detrimental to the children. So, if the court does approve the move, the next steps are figuring out how to stay connected to your children.

Parenting plan revisions

You will need to work together to recreate your parenting plan. The current plan will likely not work as the distance between you and your children will probably be too far to justify a regular visitation routine. You will need to work out something that makes sense for your situation. You may be able to get assistance from the court in figuring out an acceptable plan.

Potential options

As you work on your parenting plan, you may want to consider unconventional methods of staying in contact with your children. One option is virtual visitation. You can use technology to your advantage. Find ways to keep in contact by using online tools or apps that allow you to be available to your children all the time.