Can you modify support orders?

Don't Make A Move Without Knowing Your Options

Can you modify support orders?

As part of a divorced California couple, you may have to pay or rely on support orders. But life circumstances do not stay the same. What applied to you on the day of your divorce may not stay true years later.

So what do you do if you need to change your support order? Can you change it at all? If so, are there any limitations or reasons?

Steps to submitting a modification request

The California Courts discuss how to change a child support order. You must go through proper channels to request this change. This primarily involves submitting the correct paperwork to the local court. From there, a judge will take your request and examine it. They may grant the modification, or they may not.

Do you have a valid reason?

Your reason for requesting modification determines whether courts grant it. You may request modifications for many reasons. The most accepted reasons often involve finances. For example, a supporting ex-spouse may suddenly lose a source of income. If they can no longer support you, they may request a support order change. What if you remarry into a new family and gain their financial support? Your ex-spouse may also request a reduction. But you can request increases, too. For example, if you are receiving payment and lose a source of income, you can request an increase.

Know that you can submit a support modification request for any reason. But the courts will not accept just any reason. You must look at your situation with care and decide if it merits a change in payment.