Will this summer be the time for your divorce?

Don't Make A Move Without Knowing Your Options

Will this summer be the time for your divorce?

Many relationship analysts name January as the month when divorces peak. However, a recent study shows that summer months are also popular times for couples to file for divorce. The added stress many couples are feeling in light of recent world events suggests this summer may see a significant rise in those filings.

It is interesting to see why so many couples decide summer is the right time to dissolve their marriages. While your situation is unique, it is likely that you are experiencing similar issues that other couples are going through as summer approaches. Perhaps you have the same reasons for deciding that this summer is the most appropriate time for your divorce process to begin.

You have a lot to plan

Your children are home from school, and perhaps you and your spouse have been stuck at home together for an inordinate amount of time lately. Like many couples, you may be feeling the stress of this situation, and it may be exacerbating the already tense atmosphere in your relationship. This is a common occurrence, and it is not unusual for those tense relationships to end in divorce before summer is over.

The divorce process is typically relatively long, and California’s six-month waiting period does nothing to speed it up. Therefore, those who want the difficult proceedings over with and finalized before the new year would be wise to take steps quickly to learn as much as possible about the process, what to expect and how they can protect their rights. It is not simply a matter of filing papers and walking away from the marriage. You will have to consider the following:

  • Assessing your financial situation
  • Gathering and valuing your assets and determining whether they are joint or separate
  • Evaluating your debts and paying off as many joint debts as possible
  • Collecting records about your joint incomes, bills, and other routine expenses
  • Opening your own bank accounts separate from your spouse
  • Deciding where you will live during and after the divorce
  • Discussing child custody matters with your spouse

You and your spouse may also wish to seek marital counseling so you can make a decision and feel confident that you have sought wise advice. However, even if you are uncertain of whether the time is right for you to divorce, obtaining solid legal counsel is a good decision. With the advice of an experienced attorney, you will learn about your rights in a California divorce and how to protect yourself throughout the divorce process.