How much should you tell your child about divorce?

Don't Make A Move Without Knowing Your Options

How much should you tell your child about divorce?

California parents like you have a lot to handle if you decide a divorce is necessary. How do you tell your kid? How much should you tell them? Are there any pieces of information that may do more harm than good? How much information is too much? 

You need to consider these factors before you approach your child. It is important to go in with a plan on what you will do. This can help you limit damage. 

What kind of talk would your child respond well to?

According to Psychology Today, there are ways to approach divorce with your kids. Some work better than others. First, you need to take your child’s age and maturity level into consideration. How you approach the subject of divorce should depend heavily on that. You want to consider their personality too. Some kids work best with direct information. Others need it presented in a specific way to make it easier to digest. 

When you are deciding how much to tell your kid, understand that certain things should not get shared. This includes the exact reason for your divorce. This is especially true if the reasons are personal. It is also true if they involve concepts beyond your child’s understanding. 

Deciding how much to discuss

Outside of that, talks depend on how much information you think your child can tolerate. In some cases, knowing less is better for their mental health. In others, knowing more may help. Regardless of their age, you should at least inform them of how their life will change. This includes letting them know the custody schedule and who will move out of the house. Also, you need to ensure they know they are not at fault for the divorce.