What do you know about discussing a prenup?

Don't Make A Move Without Knowing Your Options

What do you know about discussing a prenup?

You know you want to marry your current partner, but you do not know how to bring up a sensitive subject before you marry. A prenuptial agreement protects you both, but how do you discuss the legal document without offending your significant other?

CNBC offers tips for discussing prenups. Have a strategy for protecting yourself no matter what happens while improving your relationship with your soon-to-be spouse.

Discuss your financial goals

If you do not already, talk about financial goals with your partner. Discuss financial accounts, spending habits, debt and monetary goals. Get specific about numbers rather than speak in vague terms.

Let professionals help you

A financial professional may help you break the ice. You and your significant other can meet with an accountant or financial planner experienced with prenups. Ask about other professionals who can help you.

Sit with the details

Once you have a prenup draft, read each page to ensure you understand the details. Both partners must read the document for it to become valid. Note your questions, and get answers to them before signing the document. You and your partner may change the agreement until you feel comfortable signing it.

Start early

Talk about your prenup sooner rather than later. Ideally, both partners have at least six months to create and review the agreement. If something happens, you do not want the court to question the document’s validity.

Prenups need not become a point of contention in your relationship or marriage. When done right, they help couples enjoy peace of mind that no matter what, they have financial safeguards in place.