What are some reasons someone may choose to make a prenuptial?

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What are some reasons someone may choose to make a prenuptial?

In the time before you officially get married, you and your soon-to-be spouse may have many questions. One of the possible topics you both may talk about is getting a prenuptial.

Learning about why people choose to craft this agreement and how it can impact them is essential for a couple who feels interested in writing one.

Handling debts

According to Psychology Today, one spouse may have a significantly higher amount of debt than the other one. In some cases, you both may agree that the obligation to pay this off if a split happens should fall to the person who originally had the debt.

Having a prenuptial crafted means that, in the event that you both decide to divorce, the debt stays with the spouse who had it first. Staying out of debt may be one way to protect yourself or your business, if you own one.

Securing assets for your children

People who have children from past marriages or relationships often look for a way to make sure they can pass on what assets they have after their death.

Whether this is property or family heirlooms, having an agreement in writing that your children will get your assets and property instead of your new spouse can help you feel secure about their future.

Clarifying for the future

Some people may wish to prevent future fights or disagreements before they begin. If you both worry about what will happen to your own savings in the event of a divorce, you may avoid many arguments or time in court.

Learning about the reasons why people seek out a prenuptial can help you both make the best choice for you.