Transitions in child custody can be hard on children

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Transitions in child custody can be hard on children

One of the most frightening things for children whose parents are going through a divorce is where they are going to live. It might be challenging for them to accept that their parents are going to have different homes, and they may have trouble adjusting to the new home. Finding ways to help them can reduce their stress about the situation.

Your children will need a space in both homes. This helps them to feel like they belong there, which makes it easier for them to transition. Even if they can’t have their own room, they should have a set area, such as a dresser or even a drawer to keep their belongings.

Having to pack a bag each time they switch homes might be challenging for them. Instead of making them do this, you can have duplicate items at both homes. They may still have favorite outfits, toys or lovies to bring with them, but things like toiletries and even school uniforms can be present at both homes so they don’t have to be brought back and forth.

All children need to have consistency to thrive. You can make them to adjust to changeovers by keeping certain aspects of the routine the same. For example, you and your ex might decide on a universal bedtime, so the children always go to bed at the same time on school nights.

Making sure that you have a parenting plan that is based on the child’s needs and mutual respect can also help. This provides the basics for what is going to happen with the kids and during transition times.