Is my spouse cheating?

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Is my spouse cheating?

Marital relationships can experience lots of problems. Infidelity is a major issue, one that not many people are willing to tolerate. A wandering spouse can destroy your confidence, put your health and well-being at risk, and tear asunder your relationship to the point that it may not be able to be repaired.

While it is definitely true that the signs of cheating can vary from person to person, an unfaithful spouse tends to do certain things in the midst of an affair. Being able to identify these signs ensures you can take the proper steps to protect yourself from further mistreatment.

Late nights at work or work trips

On its own, working late or a lot does not point to an affair. It could indicate an issue if your spouse does not normally work long hours or has a job that does not usually involve over time. During these late nights, your spouse may be inaccessible when you call or text. They may also fail to offer any details about what they are doing when they eventually arrive.

Increased secrecy around computers and mobile devices

A desire for privacy is not an inherently bad thing. However, a sudden desire for privacy that seemingly occurs out of nowhere is troubling, especially when accompanied by other signs of infidelity. Maybe your spouse shuts down windows when you approach. Or maybe you notice their devices are password protected when they never were before. You may also notice that texts messages or browser history is deleted on a regular basis.

Mutual friends try to avoid you or behave uncomfortable around you

While it is a depressing thought, friends and relatives often learn of an affair before the spouse actually does. This can lead to strange behavior, such as avoiding your calls or appearing uncomfortable when in your presence. This could be because they do not want to let some information slip when speaking with you. They may also feel guilty about not telling you about what is going on.