How can your ex alienate you from your child?

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How can your ex alienate you from your child?

After a messy divorce, some parents try to use their relationship with their children as weapons against their former partner. According to Healthline, parental alienation occurs when one parent uses different strategies to force a distance between the child and another parent.

Here are some signs that your ex may be trying to alienate you.

Your ex stops communicating

When you share custody of your child, communication is critical. Unfortunately, alienators try to reduce communication. For example, if he or she takes your child to the doctor, you may hear nothing about it. When it comes to important details in your child’s life, your ex may try to keep them from you. For example, friends, activities and even grades at school may be kept secrecy. The idea behind this behavior is that the less you know, the less your child will want to speak to you.

Your ex plans fun activities during your days or weeks

While it is normal for divorced parents to compromise and allow children to spend time with the other parent on special occasions, if you notice your ex planning tempting activities whenever you have your children, it may be a sign of alienation. He or she will not talk to you ahead of time and instead will ask your children what they think of the idea so that they may pressure you into allowing the children to stay longer. If you refuse, they hope it makes the children upset with you.

Parental alienation involves any activity that may turn your children against you. For example, your ex may bring up inappropriate stories or blame you for the split.