Issues that may arise from a marriage

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Issues that may arise from a marriage

According to, infidelity is among the most prominent problems in a marriage. It may include having emotional affairs or cheating. Similarly, having a one-night stand, short-term or long term affairs, having a relationship over the internet and physical infidelity may get considered as infidelity. Besides, couples may experience sexual differences. Although physical intimacy is indispensable in a relationship, it may be the root cause of sexual problems in a marriage. A spouse may experience loss of libido. Similarly, a spouse may have a different sexual preference as compared to the partner.

Although disagreements and differences are inevitable in a marriage, some differences are too significant to get ignored, such as beliefs and values. One partner may have a different religion, and the other may believe in a different thing. Emotional chasm may arise as a result of these differences. Also, traumatic situations that are life-changing may add more challenges to the marriage as one couple may not know how to handle the situation.

According to Your Tango, overstepping the boundaries may cause problems. After getting married, one partner may try to change the other, and the other may view it as a personal invasion. Thus, they may get angry, feel hurt or disrespected. Also, they may face a lack of complete communication. When the couple fails to deal with their poor communication skills, more severe problems may arise in the marriage. Therefore, they should learn how to communicate effectively.

The couple’s focus may shift after getting married; thus, the relationship may suffer from the loss of attention, and a partner may feel brunt about the situation. Additionally, the couple may get emotionally disconnected from one another as a result of the unmet needs of one partner. Furthermore, they may fight about money.