Probate & Estate Administration

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Knowledgeable Probate and Estate Administration Attorneys in Newark, CA

The probate process can be tedious, time-consuming, and costly. An experienced probate lawyer can work with your family to navigate the process effectively and efficiently.

At CC LawGroup, A Professional Corporation, we work with clients to create wills, trusts, and other documents to avoid a probate process in which the court decides where the assets of an estate will go.

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Fremont Will Contest Attorneys and More

Cynthia Cho, our estate planning and administration attorney, can assist you in selecting a personal representative, agent, or trustee who will manage your estate.

This appropriate representative, often called a fiduciary, can assist you in various estate situations. In many cases, we can take this role for you regarding:

  • Wills and trusts. We can draft documents as you intended and execute them according to the law and your wishes.
  • Property distribution. We can administer the proper distribution of property according to your will, trust, or other legal planning documents.
  • Durable Power of Attorney. A financial durable power of attorney can be prepared to assist you with the appointment of a trusted person (whether that be your spouse, another family member, or even a friend) while you may be incapacitated and cannot manage your own affairs.
  • Healthcare Directive. We can assist you in drafting this document to specify your health desires and the appointment of an agent to tend to such issues.
  • Estate tax matters. We can properly tend to tax matters on an estate until its affairs are settled.

Probate Counsel and Representation

Our attorneys can counsel you on estate probate matters before or during a probate action. While our services are designed to keep your estate out of probate court, such actions can still occur – for instance, if a relative contests your will.

We can represent your estate in court to protect your wishes in these cases. We also can be present at probate court actions in your stead.

What Is Probate?

When an individual dies, certain assets of the decedent may be transferred by contract, such as joint and survivorship property, payable on death accounts, transfer on death property, and most life insurance and retirement benefits.

Other assets, considered “probate assets,” may be transferred through proceedings in probate court. Most people die owning both probate and nonprobate assets. Generally, each type requires documentation to complete the transfer. There are pros and cons to using nonprobate or probate proceedings that an experienced Northern California probate attorney can describe.

Affordable Newark Probate and Estate Administration Attorneys

To keep costs affordable, our law firm offers package programs in which our document drafting services – including wills, trusts, designation of fiduciaries, and other planning documents – are bundled into an affordable legal service. These bundles can enable you to comprehensively prepare for your future while keeping your records in one place for future reference.For more information, contact our Northern California living will attorney at 510-402-1579.