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Child Support – How Much Should You Pay?

Child support is one of the most contentious issues divorcing couples and unmarried parents face. CC LawGroup, A Professional Corporation has years of experience assisting parents who, for various reasons, want to alter their child support orders. Our law firm can help you navigate this complicated calculation process and obtain fair child support orders.

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Fremont Child Support Modification Attorney

Although California has state-mandated calculations for determining child support, child custody and visitation orders can greatly impact your support payments. In practice, the less time you spend – or are allowed to spend – with your child, the more money you must pay in support.

If circumstances affect a parent’s ability to provide for their children, it may be possible to secure a modification to a child custody and support order.

Such circumstances include:

  • Loss of a job or loss of income
  • Job promotion or other income increase
  • Increases or decreases in time spent with children
  • Changing schools
  • Intention to move to another city, state or country

Our legal team can help you determine if a modification is possible in your circumstances. Our skilled lawyer can provide you with effective representation during legal hearings. Further, we will inform the court of any important factors that affect your child’s well-being.

Although obtaining a child custody modification may seem to be an insurmountable challenge, it is possible with the assistance of a competent and diligent attorney.

Child Support Enforcement

To say that some parents fail to pay their required child support is an understatement. If you need assistance going after a deadbeat parent, we can pursue legal action that could result in voluntary payment or a date in court.

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