Divorce Order Modifications

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Newark Divorce Order Modifications

Life is constantly changing. These changes can affect a person’s income, health and well-being, physical location, and more. If you have an existing divorce order, it is possible that your current situation no longer reflects your ability to abide by your obligations, making it necessary to update your divorce order.

Fremont Divorce and Child Support Order Modification Lawyer

Newark attorney Cynthia Cho is ready to discuss your situation and provide honest advice on whether you should pursue a modification to your existing divorce agreement. She has two decades of family law experience and provides personalized attention to each client she serves.

Please schedule an initial consultation today at her Newark family law office. You may call 510-402-1579 or contact her online to learn how to modify child custody arrangements, child support agreements and more.

When Will the Court Grant a Modification?

Courts will not grant modifications arbitrarily – they will look to see that a substantial change in circumstances necessitates changing your existing agreement. The court will review several factors before approving or denying your request for modification.

Common reasons for requesting a divorce order modification include:

  • Substantial increase or decrease in income, including job loss
  • Long-term illness
  • Disability
  • A former spouse remarries
  • Changes in a child’s needs
  • Evidence of physical or emotional abuse (safety concerns)
  • Alcohol or drug dependency

Regardless of your specific situation, attorney Cho will work hard to sway the court and help you get the results you need.

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Feel free to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your options and to learn if you are eligible for a divorce order modification. Please call 510-402-1579 or contact attorney Cho’s law office online.